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Add a custom menu to MonkeyGtd/mGSD

In my monkeyGtd documents I want to keep a quick access to a few tiddlers, for example the tag cloud, the site map and the projects statistics.

The quickest mean to achieve this is to add a custom drop down menu to the main menu.

You already know the ‘more’ menu. It is defined in the ‘MainMenu’ tiddler :

 {{tag{<<tag more|GTDComponent>>}}}

This single line simply tells that any tidller tagged as ‘GTDComponent’  will appear in the ‘more’ dropdown menu. Quick, easy, efficient.

So I have added this line to add a ‘tools’ menu:

 {{tag{<<tag tools|QuickAccess>>}}}

This menu will contain links to eacha and every tiddler tagged as  ‘QuickAccess‘, for example :

To feed this menu I have simply tagged as  ‘QuickAccess’  the GtdStats, RelatedUrls, SiteMap, and TagCloud tiddlers

This menu can be quickly modified by tagging/untagging tiddlers as ‘QuickAccess’.

My Modified ‘MainMenu’ tiddler:

 <<tag Realm>>
 {{new{''<<newTiddler label:'+'  title:'New Action'  tag: Action Next GTD>>''}}}
 {{tag{<<tag Action>>}}}
 {{new{''<<newTiddler label:'+' title:'New Project' tag: Project GTD>>''}}}
 {{tag{<<tag Project>>}}}
 {{new{''<<newTiddler label:'+' title:'New Tickler' tag: Tickler GTD>>''}}}
 {{tag{<<tag Tickler>>}}}
 {{new{''<<newTiddler label:'+' title:'New Context' tag: Context GTD>>''}}}
 {{tag{<<tag Context>>}}}
 {{new{''<<newTiddler label:'+' title:'New Area' tag: Area GTD>>''}}}
 {{tag{<<tag Area>>}}}
 [[starred|Starred]] &nbsp;&nbsp;
 {{tag{<<tag inbox|InboxTiddlers>>}}}
 {{tag{<<tag updt|UpgradeTools>>}}}
 {{tag{<<tag more|GTDComponent>>}}}
 {{tag{<<tag tools|QuickAccess>>}}}

 @@padding-left:1em;color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]];<<tiddler MonkeyGTDVersion>>@@

Creative Commons License

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