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A group I like

I belong to a few discussion groups on the net, but there is one I like more. I read it each time I can.

This one discussion group is like a huge house with a great fireplace.

I love this house and all the friends and family within it, I love the voices I hear and the faces I see.

From my corner I see people coming in and listening while getting warm.

Some may leave towards the next part of their journey. Some may sleep in a corner. Later they will perhaps participate in some conversation, or tell their own history, and what it has taught them, and how they consider life, its after and before.

As most of the people in this house are well behaved, there are very few, very few outcries or disputes, and when it happens, well this is life, and we cope with it as well as we can. Making a fuss would help no one here.

There are so many different people from so many different places that every exchange, every sentence, every word brings its own part of wisdom.

It is so great to be here within our Family. Maybe I should get out of my corner, get nearer to the fireplace and share more, but for now i can only come in from time to time, so I sit down here, get warm under a comfortable blanket, and listen and watch.

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