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First weeks in my new home

14 juillet 2009 Laisser un commentaire

I moved three weeks ago.

That was hard, very hard for me and also for my brother . I can’t be thankful enough for the help he’s given me.

The evening of the day following the move,  half my boxes were already unpacked and at least the kitchen was usable. This house is furnished, so all my previous furniture is useless. Half of them went  to my cousin’s, the remaining pieces will be sold.

The first room upstairs has become my bedroom, and the second one is big enough to be split into two so each of my kids will have their  own bedroom. Before that they will share the space.

This move gives me the most wonderful changes in my life in the 4 last years and a half:

  • I can’t hear the washing machine from my bed. My nights are much more pleasant, more « relaxed »
  • My kitchen is large enough to serve as a dining room, and is a stair away from bed/couch. Meals are now real events in my days. No more potatoe couching during breakfast or dinner.
  • I’m away from the street. No more improvised car or bike race will wake me up. Instead of these annoyances I can hear birds, which is much more pleasant in late evenings and at wakeup.

Now I’m on holiday so I have time to finish unpacking and to put things into their place.

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Good news for me.

13 mars 2009 Laisser un commentaire

Well, good news do happen sometimes.

  • I have found a small house to rent and I will move there by the end of June. At last each of my two kids will have his own room. As a little extra, the monthly rent will be the same  as here.
  • My divorce has been definitively settled.
  • Err… this is the weekend, no?

Add to these that a project I’m very attached to is nearly finalized and ready to start, and my moral has raised a huge lot.

My horizon gets clearer now.

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