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Dreams and Eternity

18 octobre 2011 Laisser un commentaire

Just a thought :

« Dreams are meant for us to remember
That we are but a memory into eternity »

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A few advices I’ve been given

31 août 2011 Laisser un commentaire

Througout the years I’ve been taught a few things :

  • Happiness is largely a choice
  • Feel gratitude for all of the good in your life
  • Spend time contemplating nature

I would simply add

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

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Occuper son temps en cas de repos forcé

8 avril 2011 Laisser un commentaire

Je suis toujours en repos forcé. Ca va mieux, mais de « mieux » à « bien » il y a encore une marge.

En attendant, je m’ennuie ferme. On dit « comme un rat mort ». Je n’aimerais pas être un rat mort. En passant, j’ai déjà dit que j’en ai pris un à pleine main l’été dernier? Brrr!!! L’était mort depuis longtemps le bestiau, et j’avais pris sa carcasse parcheminée pour un vieux soulier. Berk! Fin de la digression.

Comment passer le temps, entre les petits déplacements absolument nécessaires?

J’ai eu le temps d’y penser, et voici quelques suggestions:

  • Faire la liste des courses. Les enfants seront là ce weekend et il vaut mieux ne rien oublier. Optimiser les quantités pour avoir à porter le moins possible, et éviter la rechute. Une semaine d’arrêt ça suffit!
  • Faire la liste des choses à faire plus tard, quand les activités normales pourront reprendre, comme refaire l’enduit dans le coin de plafond, lasurer le portillon et la palissade, nettoyer la courette, etc.
  • Continuer à apprendre à taper d’une main, l’autre tenant le netbook vu que,le temps que le dos aille presque bien, c’est position horizontale au minimum d’énergie potentielle. Je dois avouer que je commence à y toucher ma bille (taper d’une main, pas rester en position horizontale vu que j’ai horreur de ça), même si je tape trois à quatre fois moins vite qu’à deux mains.
  • Mettre à jour le carnet d’adresses du téléphone. Supprimer les anciens numéros. Garder celui de Suz. We miss you so much, old friend!
  • Dormir et/ou rêver dès que c’est possible.
  • Lire un bon bouquin, ou bien le manga oublié par le fiston, ou encore le magazine acheté le mois dernier mais qu’on n’a jamais eu/pris le temps de lire.
  • Écouter de la musique, de la bonne musique de préférence, et s’en laisser imprégner pour le point qui suit, à savoir:
  • Libérer son imagination, et écrire des amorces d’articles, ou croquer quelques exquises et insensées esquisses (vient de loin, celui-là).
  • Travailler sur la nouvelle écrite lors du nano 2010. Réécrire quelques scènes que j’avais alors écrites à la va-vite; en écrire de nouvelles qui auraient pu s’y trouver, ou du moins un premier brouillon.
  • Faire des listes. Ca occupe, ça repose, ça donne des idées pour la suite. Accessoirement ça aide aussi à passer le temps.
  • Rester Zen, même si parfois…

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Resentment and forgiveness

20 août 2010 Laisser un commentaire

When resentment and his twin anger appear against someone, things almost always calm down with time. Sometimes it takes more time.

Whereas you can decide to do your best not to let these feelings express themselves I think you can decide that you should forgive but you simply can’t decide to forgive.

At least the process of forgiving is not as straight as it seems, unless of course you are advanced enough on the middle way – most people including me are not – to follow the process within seconds of minutes.

Resentment is a feeling. Putting a name onto things helps solving troubles.

Feelings are not addictions but I will make the parallel to help explain the process.

Imagine you are addicted to something, say alcohol or cigarettes or chocolate or TV. You can restrain your consumption of these, but you can’t simply and definitively decide that you are not addicted to them.

This comes with time. When you decide that you should give up your addiction and start fighting against your addiction, at first you will experience very frequent craving episodes. Then this craving will happen less and less often, then only once or twice a year. One day your addiction has gone into a latent, sleeping state, or even completely gone.

With resentment and forgiveness the process is about the same: bursts of this very negative feeling appear but more and more rarely as you work on it and as time passes by

One day you realize that you have forgiven.

Then you have gained one more reason to take life with a smile.

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The more you’ve learned the more is yet to be learned

19 juillet 2010 Laisser un commentaire

I’ve been taught this many many years ago, but only now do I see all that it implies.

In a way many things in life are just a matter to learn and experience, and when you have learned and experienced about something its opposite side is to be dicovered, experienced and finally learned too.

See it like learning guitar. You have many ways to do so. I don’t mean about styles, but rather about learning curves : you can learn it the easy way, by getting lessons with a master who will teach you the tips and tricks and show you errors you should avoid, but you can also learn the hard way, by watching, repeating, imitating, experiencing until you feel comfortable with chords, pulls, choke, slaps and the like. Well, I must admit I’m still not comfortable, but just experiencing, but I’m having fun with it.

These are the two sides of a single coin. The very same object/subject/whatever, but nonetheless it has at least two aspects.

Many will think this is too many efforts, maybe overwhelming, but definitively your life is not harder than before because you learn new abilities.

Unless you are a real genius with a 150 IQ (there are not many IMHO), at the beginning of your learning path you have to make so many efforts to assimilate the basic things.

Then with time you start mastering things a bit more (or things start to master you less), and you may discover – or not – that your life is more busy, more intense maybe, more fulfilling surely,  but in no way will it be harder.

And one day you finally realize the long way you’ve been, and the very long way still ahead.

« The more you’ve learned, the more is yet to be learned. »

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Made some bread

28 septembre 2009 Laisser un commentaire

Bread was once one of our most important food, and every family either bought it to the closer bread maker, either made it themselves.

Nowadays almost everyone buys his bread in a supermarket or in a franchise owned by industrial companies. This takes time, to go to the store , and then wait your turn, then go back home. Being somewhat agoraphobic I have started to make my own bread.

Just search « Bread recipe » or « Make bread » in your preferred search engine, and you will find many recipes in books or on the internet, from everyday bread to french brioche.

All you will need for a simple bread is flour, yeast, water, but you can also make flat bread with only flour and water.

You can even make beer bread by replacing the yeast with beer! Hopefully you won’t get drunk by making this kind of bread, since the alcohol evaporates while baking in the oven, unless you drink the rest of the bottle 😉

I like cooking, specially for my kids, but making bread is one step further into pleasure : while mixing the flour and all what comes into the bread, everything else disappears, and your attention gets focussed onto your actual mixing the bread. Your focus goes only to the present, which is very relaxing after a work day, or when the kids have gone to sleep.

There is something quite magical about the bread leavening. Real yeast – not chemical one – is a very natural, living thing, which makes your bread grow in size within only an hour. It is also part of what will make your bread’s unique smell and taste.

By baking you very own bread you will gain many things : get a healthier food, and spend a unique, relaxing moment with yourself.

So why not start now?

A few links:

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Bad things, good things, or how everything is balanced in this world

17 juillet 2009 Laisser un commentaire

My recent move is a great thing.

Alas everything has a counterpart it seems.

Dark water evacuation got filled downstairs in my old appartment, so everytime someone went to the closet of had a shower or whatever else using water, all ended up into my bathtube. Beurk!!!

My flat has been flooded under about 10 cm of user water, excrements, etc, all coming from above my stair.

It was a real infection and I couldn’t make the flat ready for the next renters.

My owner has an insurance for this kind of event so everything should be fixed up : painting, floor parquet and ballatum replacement, etc.

I gave the keys back next monday afternoon « en l’état » (ie in the appartment’s actual state) .

By luck, nearly nothing important was left  in the flat.

This event could have been a disaster if I hadn’t moved out before, but I think that I got a great opportunity to leave before the flooding occurred.

Everything is balanced in life, it seems.

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